WordPress - The Basics

Learn the basics of how to build a WordPress powered website | taught by Richard Pearce

Course description

Need to get up and running with WordPress ... fast? This course covers all the basics you need to create a standard WordPress powered website.

What You'll Learn

  • an overview of the WordPress administration panel, which provides access to the functions and features of your WordPress-powered website
  • the two primary forms of content supported by WordPress; Post & Pages
  • a detailed look at the WordPress editor toolbar, which is used for editing posts, pages, and other types of content in WordPress
  • how to create a new post (more simply thought of as an article) for your site‘s blog
  • a detailed look at the WordPress editor toolbar, which is used for editing posts, pages, and other types of content in WordPress
  • how to edit an existing post in WordPress using either the Post Editor or the Quick Edit tool
  • how to use categories and tags in WordPress to make it easy for your readers to find related content on your site
  • how to create a new static page in WordPress, or edit existing pages in your site
  • how to add visual interest by inserting photos or images into your pages or posts in WordPress
  • how to embed video and audio files in WordPress pages and posts, including tips and best practices
  • how to use the Media Library to manage and upload files (like images, PDFs, or Word documents) for use in your WordPress posts and pages
  • enabling and moderating comments on your WordPress site, including tips and best practices to encourage discussion with your visitors
  • how to create image and text links to other pages on your own site, or to 3rd-party sites elsewhere on the web
  • how to find and install a new theme for your site, or use the Customizer to change the look of your site
  • what widgets are and how they can be used to easily add blocks of content to your site‘s sidebar or footer
  • build and edit custom navigation menus, including drop-down menu items
  • how to find, install, and configure third-party plugins to add new functions and features to your WordPress site
  • how to add new users or multiple authors to your WordPress site, and assign different roles and permissions
  • a quick look at the tools provided by WordPress to manage your site, including importing, exporting, and backing up your content
  • how to properly configure the settings to optimize and get the most out of your WordPress site
Richard Pearce
Richard Pearce
Site Skills Lead Instructor

I have been working with computers since way back in 1983. During these 30+ years, I have witnessed, and been part of, many exciting developments. By far the greatest opportunity has been the ability to teach to a global online audience.

  • Was first taught how to teach by Royal Australian Air Force (AIRTC Cadet) at age 15
  • Web Developer since 1995
  • Built over 100 websites for clients ranging from national organisations to small businesses
  • Over 50,000 students have enrolled in a course
  • Almost 3,000,000 video views at YouTube, plus over 16,000 subscribers

You'll usually find me staring at some sort of screen, but when I escape, I'm either juggling four kids, or zipping around on the scooter, or hiking somewhere, in my home town of Sydney, Australia.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to WordPress
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The Basics
The WordPress Dashboard
Posts vs. Pages
The WordPress Editor
Creating a New Post
Post Formats
Edit an Existing Post
Using Categories and Tags
Creating and Editing Pages
Adding Photos and Images
How to Embed Video and Audio
Using the Media Library
Managing Comments
How to Create a Link
Customizing the Theme
Adding Widgets
Custom Navigation Menus
Installing Plugins
Adding New Users
WordPress Tools
WordPress Settings
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Reviews (3)

Basics tutorial

by Roger Woodley
Spot on


by Jacquelyn Stafford
I love this tutorial. It is clear and precise. I able to follow along and for me that's great.

Thorough introduction to Word Press CMS

by Betty Kasischke
The presentation was very clear and well organized. The coverage was thorough. The presenter was great, speaking at a comfortable speed to follow, though I missed Richard's accent. Overall, very useful and gives the student everything he needs to create a Word Press site.