How to earn $4000 a month as a part-time web designer.

The calculator doesn't lie

Let's say you've got 20 hours a week available, which means over 80 hours a month. Just take 60 hours and build one $3000 site every month. With your remaining 20 hours, do 4 x 5-hour maintenance tasks at $50 an hour and there's your 4K. Of course, if you have full-time hours available, you can double those figures.

Sounds good in theory, but is this really possible each and every month? It is, but for most beginners, it can take years to consistently achieve these results. Skip the time and expense of learning by trial and error and instead follow our proven system. You'll learn everything you need to know to Kickstart Your Web Design Business from scratch.


What's included in the

  • Training

    Use an icon and text to communicate the value proposition and share the specific benefits of your offering. What makes it unique in your market?

  • Weekly Q&A

    Join us for weekly Q&A sessions where you can bring along your questions to ensure your business starts off on the right foot.

  • Support

    Got a burning question that can't wait or worried that you'll need help after the MasterClass has finished? Our student-only forum has you covered.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Starting Strong
    Show Content
    • About This MasterClass
    • About You
    • Recommended Reading
    • Understanding Web Design
    • Before You Start
  • 02
    Planning & Preparation
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    • The Most Common Rookie Mistake
    • What to Charge
    • Choosing the Right Clients
    • Goal Setting
    • Business Plan Resources
    • Expenses
    • Accounting
    • Accounting & Bookkeeping Resources
    • Insurance
    • Legal Issues
  • 03
    Your First Client
    Show Content
    • You Can Sell!
    • Gaining Experience
    • Pro Bono Websites
    • Meeting
    • Contract Resources
    • Planning
    • Content
    • Design
    • Build Site
    • Project Checklist
    • Recommended Web Hosts
  • 04
    Next Steps
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    • What to Do After Launching Site
    • Growing Your Business
    • Maintenance Agreement Resources
    • Personal Development
    • When to Go Full Time
    • Ensuring Success
  • 05
    Case Studies
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    • The Employer
    • The Influencer
    • The Mistake
    • The Middleman
    • The Inventor
  • 06
    Show Content
    • Peter Bui
    • Hardy Azeez
    • Tony Slavin

Bonus material

  • Marketing Content

    3 month's access to our white label email marketing content. Value: $150

  • Case Studies

    Gain confidence by hearing stories about real life web design projects. Value: $50

  • Interviews

    Identify with others as you learn how other web designs started. Value: $50

We're with you for life!

How seriously do we believe in this MasterClass?

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Lifetime updates

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  • Lifetime support

Hear from our students

“Today I am busy building web sites and am even training an assistant to help out. I just want people to know Richard's courses will give you the potential for a lifestyle change to make a good living as a web designer if you are serious about it and you will succeed just by following his courses. If you are reading this and wonder if this course is worth the money: well my first site brought in 1500 Euros and that is just one site. In this world of get-rich-quick-schemes on the net, few can boast such a real return on investment.

Michael Sharp

“I especially liked the way you didn't assume much technical knowledge, but still provided a way of skipping some "basic parts" of the tutorials if they should not be relevant for whoever is learning.

Jørgen Bang Hovde

“Your presentations were of the highest caliber. Sure wish that I had found it six months ago. Thanks again mate!”

Charles Garner

  • Your Instructor

    I have been working with computers since way back in 1983. My web development career began in 1995 and in those early days, work was easy to find. However, the challenges came when I tried to grow the business. No matter what I tried, I just found myself working harder and making less money. The breakthrough came when I worked with a business coach who opened my eyes to how growth comes through small changes in several areas. I now had the knowledge and confidence to propel my business to the next level and found myself being able to land $20,000 projects. I turned to online training in 2008 and since then over 50,000 people have taken one of my courses. These days I am sharing my knowledge with others through self-paced courses, MasterClasses and private coaching.

    Richard Pearce

    Chief Education Officer (CEO)

    Richard Pearce


  • What time are the Q & A calls?

    We change the time weekly to cover world time zones. If a time doesn't suit you one week, you'll probably be able to join us the following week.

  • Apart from the investment in this MasterClass, what does it cost to get started?

    Compared to other businesses, the costs to start a web design business are tiny. All you need is an Internet connection, a basic computer plus some software and you're in business.

  • Do I need to cold call to find clients?

    Urgh! No thanks. Although cold calling can work, that's not what we teach. It's better to build relationships and keep in constant communication. You'll learn how to do this in week 5.

  • There are already thousands of web designers, so how can I break in?

    The vast majority do not have a system to run their business. They undercharge, chase the wrong clients and have little to no planning. This MasterClass teaches how to follow a proven system and work with quality clients.

  • How do I know I will make money when other web designers struggle?

    Most designers start at the bottom and never graduate to better clients. Chasing small job via most freelance boards is absolutely the wrong strategy. This course teaches how to start simply, but then grow your business in line with experience.

  • Designer, developer - what's the difference?

    The traditional term is "web design" and that's what your clients will think you do. However as this course is all about building a successful business, it's not important if you have design skills, coding skills or no skills! You will learn how to find people to do the things you can't do.