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In our Joomla 3 Webmaster course, we guide you through our Administrator Essentials module where you will delve into topics such as SEO and Metadata Settings. You will explore how to create content and modules in our comprehensive section on Creating and Managing Content. Finally, we will look into how to manage Joomla's Core Extensions and Templates.


Administrator Essentials


  • Welcome FREE PREVIEW
  • Post Installation Messages FREE PREVIEW
  • Site Settings
  • Metadata Settings
  • SEO Settings
  • Cookie Settings
  • System Settings
  • Debug Settings
  • Cache Settings
  • Session Settings
  • Server Settings
  • Location Settings
  • FTP Settings
  • Proxy Settings
  • Database Settings
  • Mail Sending
  • The configuration.php File

Creating and Managing Content


  • The HTML Editor
  • Article Features
  • Settings Hierarchy
  • Article Options
  • Category Blogs, Lists & Featured Articles
  • Editing and Shared Options
  • Multi Page Articles
  • Tags
  • Content Versioning
  • Check Out
  • RSS Feeds
  • Archived Articles
  • Newsflash Module
  • Related Articles FREE PREVIEW
  • Category Modules
  • Breadcrumbs Module
  • Custom HTML Module
  • Footer Module
  • Latest News Module
  • Latest Users Module
  • Most Read Content Module
  • Random Image Module
  • Statistics and Who's Online Modules
  • Wrapper Module
  • List Features
  • Frontend Editing
  • Menu Manager
  • Menu Module
  • Miscellaneous Menu Items

Core Extensions


  • Managing Extensions FREE PREVIEW
  • Banner Workflow
  • Banner Options
  • Banner Tracks
  • Banner Keywords
  • Contact Component
  • Contact Options
  • Contact Menus
  • Newsfeeds
  • Redirect
  • Search
  • Pinned Banners
  • Smart Search Options
  • Weblinks
  • Templates

About Your Instructor

Richard Pearce

Richard Pearce

Site Skills Lead Instructor

I have been working with computers since way back in 1983. During these 30+ years, I have witnessed, and been part of, many exciting developments. By far the greatest opportunity has been the ability to teach to a global online audience.

* Web Developer since 1995

* Built over 100 websites for clients ranging from national organisations to small businesses

* Over 50,000 students have taken my courses

* YouTube: 3,000,000+ views & 18,000+ subscribers

You'll usually find me staring at some sort of screen, but when I escape, I'm either juggling four kids, or taking a hike through the beautiful bushland that surrounds my home town of Sydney, Australia.

What you'll learn

Essential administrative Joomla concepts

Step-by-step approach to maintain Joomla websites

How to create and manage content

Learn about core Joomla extensions


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I went through this course on Build a Joomla Website and it was such a time saver. Richard goes through all the steps to configure the site then he covers every important function available in Joom...

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