Learn the basics of Joomla 3 for FREE!

Joomla 3 - The Basics

Get up to speed fast by learning the essential Joomla concepts in under 3 hours | taught by Richard Pearce

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Learn the basics of Joomla 3 for FREE!

Over 20,000 people have taken this course

This is the original getting started with Joomla course that has been online since 2008. Now fully updated for Joomla 3, this course has been watched by tens of thousands of students worldwide. But the best part is that all 16 lessons and the 100 page accompanying workbook are free!

So if you're looking how to get started with Joomla 3 quickly and easily, you're in the right place. Just because it's free doesn't mean that you get a cut-down down version of another course. Yes, I do have some advanced courses, but this comprehensive beginner course teaches you all the essential Joomla concepts so you can get your first website built in record time.

I started building websites in 1995 and when content management systems came along, I hated them. The designs were awful, you were forced to change the way you worked and the documentation was woeful. Even simple things like creating a page made no sense. The problem is that most people try to learn by watching a couple of videos and reading a few tutorials. That's what I did which only led to frustration.

Learning Joomla is a bit like building a brick wall. Many beginners have a basic foundation - they understand the essentials of websites. Then they start piling on a few bricks here and there. But as their wall of knowledge is constructed, it's full of holes. Eventually they hit a point where their wall can't sustain any more weight and it collapses. What a waste of time!

This course takes a step-by-step approach to building Joomla websites. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, so your wall is solid. So whether you're looking to save money by building your own website, or if you're an existing web developer needing to learn Joomla, you are in the right place. Join the thousands of students who have taken this course by enrolling today.

Remember that a comprehensive workbook with loads of screenshots is included to save you time. I'm also here to answer any questions you might have as you go along.

Richard Pearce
Richard Pearce
Site Skills Lead Instructor

I have been working with computers since way back in 1983. During these 30+ years, I have witnessed, and been part of, many exciting developments. By far the greatest opportunity has been the ability to teach to a global online audience.

  • Was first taught how to teach by Royal Australian Air Force (AIRTC Cadet) at age 15
  • Web Developer since 1995
  • Built over 100 websites for clients ranging from national organisations to small businesses
  • Over 50,000 students have enrolled in a course
  • Almost 3,000,000 video views at YouTube, plus over 16,000 subscribers

You'll usually find me staring at some sort of screen, but when I escape, I'm either juggling four kids, or zipping around on the scooter, or hiking somewhere, in my home town of Sydney, Australia.

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Why Joomla? FREE
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Joomla 3 The Basics - Workbook FREE
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Reviews (27)

Well spent 2 hours

by Joanna Melas
Richard's presentation is excellent! Clear and concise with enough detail to give me direction.

Great course

by Michael Carson
Awesome Course. Gave me all the info I needed to get started. Would highly recommend.

Basics Excellent

by WEBiT Digital
Thank you so much the Joomla basics training is awesome!
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Well spent 2 hours

by Joanna Melas
Richard's presentation is excellent! Clear and concise with enough detail to give me direction.

Great course

by Michael Carson
Awesome Course. Gave me all the info I needed to get started. Would highly recommend.

Basics Excellent

by WEBiT Digital
Thank you so much the Joomla basics training is awesome!

Well spoken and understandable. Most Helpful for Joomla!

by Eion MacDonald
1. Having set up a basic Joomla! web site some 10 years ago, i followed this course to learn how I "should' have done it. 2 Very good introduction. 3. Well paced and template and module lessons most helpful.

I'll be back!!

by Clare Kirby
I wish I had known about this course more than 12 months ago. We hired a company to build us a new website (the old one was in Drupal and very limited) which I thought should only take a few months, maybe 6 at most. 14 months and over $8,000 later - don't get me started on the monthly hosting & support fees ($236.50 per month!!) - we've only just launched and after doing the basic course I can see we've been given the run around a bit. I'm not saying I'm capable of building the site we want today but I intend to go on with this training and once we've finished our first year (locked in), hopefully we can move our site somewhere else at far less expense.

by Augusto Torres

More than the basics

by Olanrewaju Oyinbooke
This course is indeed great one and I find it difficult to believe it's just the basics as the knowledge attainable has really set me on the goal. Thanks for the hard work and your loyalty.

Great & Useful Course

by Yasser Farid
thanks for the really useful information, I'm an IT professional using other CMS products, and I want to try Joomla, and I hope that I got valuable information to start my Joomla Adventure, keep on.


by Daniel Conde Urra
Excellent course. Thanks

Excellent help

by Kenneth Baker
What I like most about this free course, is it is clear and concise. I have been looking at joomla for a while now, this is first time I felt comfortable with what I was hearing. I am one who wants to know whats going on, not just do something to get result in this instance. Of course I am at 50% point so will review again when done. Ken

by duck diver

Joomla basics!

by lorenzo dia
Excellence in learning, faster than I thought it would be.

by Anne-Catherine Provost

Great, thanks!

by Shawna Brody

Perfect Overview

by Kirk Matthews
I have had 2 people try to teach me a little bit about Joomla. In some cases, they have helped. In other cases, they left me dazed and confused. This course by Richard Pearce was PERFECT to lay the foundation for learning. Now ... the info provided by others makes more sense. And this course helps to organize my thoughts and processes. This was WELL WORTH THE TIME! Thank you very much!

by Remmelt van Heerde

Great Training

by James Theall
I get Joomla now. I struggled getting started and this helped me make sense of it all. OK. I'm off to get to work on redesigning and migrating a 5 year old wordpress /alternative newspaper site.

Joomla Solutions

by Peter Spencer
Fantastic video tutorials


by Gary Gruda
Enjoyed the course. I'm definitely a novice, and learned a lot. Plan on building a site soon using Joomla.

A great introduction

by Foss Uwe
Thanks a lot for this very great introduction in Joomla structure, management and behavior. Uwe

Good course for getting started

by marianne Raine
Has enabled me to start a basic website, no problems so far! I'm looking forward to moving onto the next course and getting to grips with more complex extensions for my site.

Liked it

by Jørgen Bang Hovde
I especially liked the way he didn't assume much technical knowledge, but still provided a way of skipping some "basic parts" of the tutorials if they should not be relevant for whoever is learning.

Awesome course!

by Jim Mills
I have viewed several Joomla instructional/help videos and this video is one of the very best. The video has just enough information to help guide even the biggest novice work through the steps without overwhelming or leaving gaps of information out of the video. The video provides guidance on how to work through each step without leaving the viewer bogged down with minute details or scratching their heads wondering what to do next. Great Videos!

Rapid response to learning requirement

by chris white
I only have time to skim through this course prior to looking at a job offer where joomla! is the incumbent cms. I crashed through section 3 in an hour and a half. Thanks to this excellent set of videos, my WordPress experience is now complemented by a solid understanding of joomla! both and structurally, and in management and operation. Chapeau! I'll be recommending this, and returning to get more.


by s stewart
Really good tutorial. Very understandable and not scattered. Thanks.

great job

by Mladen Kandic


by Robin Blind
So far, this is precisely what I need. Although I am an experienced Web (and old time, desktop style) Developer, I have struggled to understand Joomla. So thanks! I'll keep working through this. If and when I have any suggestions to improve the course, I will share them.