How to build your own website from scratch

This course takes you through the entire process of building a Joomla-powered website. Although the focus is naturally on Joomla, other important topics are also covered including how a website works and website planning.

Build a Joomla Website From Scratch was originally produced in 2010 and this latest version contains the same material that has been presented in workshops at a cost of up to $400 per student. This online version is fantastic value and teaches you everything you need to build a typical website. A workbook is included.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Web 101
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  • 02
    Website Planning
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  • 03
    Installing Joomla
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  • 04
    Primary Content
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    • The Content Creation Process FREE PREVIEW
    • Categories
    • Single Article Pages
    • Category Blog Pages
    • Two-Part Articles
    • Content Settings
    • Featured Articles Page
    • Resizing Images
    • Inserting Images Using Media Manager
    • Inserting Images Using JCE
    • Links
    • Embed Content
    • Creating a Contact Page
    • Create a Photo Gallery
  • 05
    Secondary Content
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Hear from our students

“A comprehensive overview of creating a Joomla website. My objective: To get a comprehensive overview of creating a Joomla website from the perspective of a complete beginner with Joomla. I am pleased to report that the course did exactly what it said on the tin and I have an understanding of what is involved. I have in the past studied but, not worked with, WordPress but that was a number of years ago. I will definitely have to come back to the course in the future, to refresh my memory but believe it was a very useful training exercise. At least now, when I am talking to a potential web developer, I will have some idea what he is talking about. The only adverse comment I would make, is that the material relating to some aspects of the course is dated a bit, but that is very acceptable given the “One Stop” (website) comprehensive nature of the course. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. Thank you. Heber. ”

Heber Mac Guinness

“This is a great course, after watching it I feel totally confident I can do it. All questions and more seem to be covered. Thank you”

Devina Maxwell

  • Instructor

    I have been working with computers since way back in 1983. My web development career began in 1995 and in those early days, work was easy to find. However, the challenges came when I tried to grow the business. No matter what I tried, I just found myself working harder and making less money. The breakthrough came when I worked with a business coach who opened my eyes to how growth comes through small changes in several areas. I now had the knowledge and confidence to propel my business to the next level and found myself being able to land $20,000 projects. I turned to online training in 2008 and since then over 50,000 people have taken one of my courses. These days I am sharing my knowledge with others through self-paced courses, MasterClasses and private coaching.

    Richard Pearce

    Chief Education Officer (CEO)

    Richard Pearce

Beyond the Basics

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    Build a Site From Scratch is also available as part of the Beyond the Basics bundle.


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